LEGO® Train Clubs worldwide

This page is an incomplete list of LEGO® Train Clubs (LTCs) worldwide. It also lists LEGO® User Groups who have a large contingent of LEGO train builders.

You can use this list to find the closest LEGO® train club to where you live, or even one to visit when you’re away on holiday.

If you’d like your LEGO® train club adding to the list, please email us at

LEGO® Train Clubs in Europe
Denmark TOGKLODSEN is a model railway club in Denmark which focuses on building LEGO displays.
United Kingdom LNUR – LEGO Northern UK Railway (that’s us!)
Most of our membership is based in Scotland and Northern England. We also have a growing membership in the midlands and the south of England.
Southern LEGO Train Club
Covers South East and South West England.
LEGO® Train Clubs in North America
Canada Calgary LEGO Train Club
USA Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club
Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club (NILTC)
Puget Sound LEGO Train Club – Washington State
Texas Brick Railroad
Tennessee Valley LEGO Club
Twin Cities LEGO Club
Wama LTC – Washington DC
Western Michigan LEGO Train Club
LEGO® Train Clubs in Australasia
Australia Melbourne LEGO Train Club

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