FAQs about LEGO trains and LNUR

FAQs about LEGO trains & LNUR

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions we receive about our LEGO railway displays, and the LEGO train hobby itself.

Questions about LNUR

1. Can I have instructions for…?

Sorry, most of our members’ locomotive and rolling stock models don’t have instructions! If you’re able to come along to one of our displays at a show, try asking a member in person.

These are the models we do have instructions for:

2. How do I become an LNUR member?

Please read our membership page.

3. Could you come to my [LEGO / model railway] display?

Maybe! Read our events page for more information. We ideally need around 3 – 6 months’ notice as we plan our displays in advance.

4. Any tips for learning to build models like your members?

Plenty! The key points are:

  1. Be patient – what you see at LEGO shows on our displays is usually the work of many years of collecting parts, building models, them collapsing, us rebuilding and redesigning, etc.
  2. Go digital! If you don’t have a large collection of LEGO bricks, why not try using a LEGO model computer program such as LDD, or Bricklink’s Stud.io?
  3. Talk to other LEGO train fan builders:  this is what we’re all about, really! Talk to a fellow LEGO or train fan about your model if you’re stuck – this is a great way of getting some constructive feedback, as well as perhaps finding a better solution to the design you wanted to build. (See our list of recommended LEGO train Facebook groups and website below!)

5. Can I take videos / photographs of your displays at shows?

Of course! We love to share our passion of the LEGO model railway hobby. We’d really love it if you credited our Facebook page, Twitter account or website too, but that’s up to you.

6. Do any of you work on “real” railways?

Yes! We have a member who works for a heritage railway lines here in the UK, as well as for train companies who run routes on popular mainline UK routes. We also have a signalman who works for Network Rail!

(We’ll ignore that fact that a LEGO railway is still a railway of sorts!)

Questions about the LEGO train hobby

You’re interested in the LEGO train hobby? Excellent! We hope you’ve got the bank balance to back it up 😉

Here are our answers to popular questions about the LEGO hobby we have from visitors at shows, or via our social media accounts.

1. Where do you buy your parts from?

Most of our members use Bricklink.com, an online marketplace for LEGO parts with sellers from around the world, to buy our parts from. It takes a little while to understand it, but after that you’re an addict (you have been warned!).

2. How do you catalogue your LEGO collection?

Most of our members use Brickset.com to catalogue the LEGO sets we own. This doesn’t (easily) cover the loose parts and custom models we’ve built, but is a good place to start.

3. Can you recommend any good LEGO train Facebook groups?

Yes! There are loads of LEGO-train and LEGO-railway related Facebook groups and pages, but here are our recommended groups:

  • LEGO RAIL: founded by an LNUR member, Pete, before we existed, this LEGO rail Facebook group is really popular, especially with LNUR members, and British Rail fanatics.
  • Lego Train Fan Club: a great group for international LEGO train

Aside from the more private Facebook groups to allow you to discuss LEGO trains and railway modeling, we also recommend following these Facebook pages for their latest displays:

  • LNUR (of course!); photos and videos of our latest LEGO railway displays, plus other excellent related models we come across.
  • Brick Model Railroader Magazine – the Facebook page of the website below. Some absolutely superb content from our friends across the Atlantic!

4. Can you recommend any good LEGO train fan websites?

Here are our favourite LEGO train fan websites:

5. Where can I find a list of LEGO shows in the UK?

Our member Richard (also known as Bricks McGee!) maintains an annual list of UK LEGO events on his blog at bricksmcgee.com.

6. Is there a LEGO train club near me?

The short answer is “maybe” – there might be a LEGO train club near you. Here’s a list of those LEGO train clubs worldwide we know about; if you can’t see a LEGO train club located near you, try looking for LEGO User Groups, where you’re likely to discover other adult LEGO train fans!

LEGO Train Clubs in Europe
United Kingdom LNUR – LEGO Northern UK Railway (that’s us!)
Currently covers all Northern England, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland.
Southern LEGO Train Club
Covers South East and South West England.
LEGO Train Clubs in North America
Canada Calgary LEGO Train Club
USA Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club
Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club (NILTC)
Puget Sound LEGO Train Club – Washington State
Texas Brick Railroad
Tennessee Valley LEGO Club
Twin Cities LEGO Club
Wama LTC – Washington DC
Western Michigan LEGO Train Club
LEGO Train Clubs in Australasia
Australia Melbourne LEGO Train Club

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