Our Constitution

Version Author Comments
v1.4 – Current – November 2020 (PDF) R Carter Added probation periods for new members; added LSUR as an alias of the group for southern members; TFOL members transition to standard membership.
v1.3 – May 2020 R Carter Updated logo; added document footer with LEGO trademark disclaimer.
1.2 – April 2020 R Carter Changes to structure of membership and finance statements
v1.1 – April 2020 R Carter Minor revisions to formatting of document for headings
v1.0 – April 2020 R Carter Initial version

The group known as LNUR was founded in August 2017.  We are also known as “LEGO Northern UK Railway”, or LSUR, or “LEGO Southern UK Railway”.

1. Aims

The aims of LNUR are to:

  1. promote the LEGO train hobby to adults and children in the UK
  2. provide a foundation to bring adult LEGO fans together to collaborate on LEGO locomotive models and landscapes for LEGO railways
  3. build and display LEGO railway displays at LEGO shows and model railway shows

2. Committee

The committee of LNUR is to consist of 3 (three) roles:

  1. Chair – to oversee the running of the group, aid the secretary with membership renewals, and help the events secretary with event and exhibition bookings.
  2. Secretary – to assist the chair with membership tasks and accounts for the group funds.
  3. Events Secretary – to work with the chair to arrange exhibitions and social events, and to coordinate individual exhibitors at shows.

Committee terms

  1. Commitee member positions are in place for 2 years from the date of the vote;
  2. Committee members can stand down from their positions at any point during the term; the empty position will be elected following a secret ballot within 30 (thirty) days of their standing down
  3. Committee members can be removed for breaking the code of conduct, inaction for a period of 3 months go greater, or by voting of all remaining committee members.

3. Membership

The group will charge an annual membership fee to help cover costs associated with events and displays such as storage, event bricks, and other materials which follow our aims.

  1. The group will charge an annual membership fee to help cover costs associated with events and displays such as storage, event bricks, and other materials which follow our aims.
  2. The membership year runs from Feb 1 – January 31 of each year
  3. The membership fee is set at £20 a year or part thereof
  4. Membership fees are to be paid to the Chair or Secretary as directed by January 31st of the previous membership year
  5. New members will undergo a 6 (six) month probation period, after which they will become full members

4. Finances

  1. We are a non-profit group: any surplus from the groups fees are to be used to further the aims of the group.
  2. Members will be expected to contribute towards transport and fuel costs on a per show basis, and to fund their accommodation, food and other costs personally
  3. The membership fee may be amended in amount by vote from the committee for the following membership year

5. Code of conduct

Members are expected to abide by the following rules:

  1. To be considerate, respectful, and collaborative. We’re here to have fun: don’t ruin that with your behaviour.
  2. To refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech.
  3. To be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow members.

The committee retains the power to remove a member at any time for breaking this code of conduct. No refund of membership fees shall be made.

6. Amendments

  1. Amendments to this document may be made by deciding vote (2 of 3) of the current committee members, with the exception of clause 3 of this section.
  2. The committee may elect to ask members of their views on changes, but are not bound by these.
  3. Amendments to the constitution must not:
    1. Seek to change the aims of the group without 90% of all current members voting for the change.
    2. Change the group to a profit-making organisation.
  4. Amendments should be noted in the document revision comments and provided on the LNUR website for all members.

7. TFOLs

  1. As of June 2020, LNUR creates an LNUR TFOLs (Teenage Fans of LEGO) group for LEGO train fans aged 13 – 18 for members in the UK
  2. The TFOL group shall be overseen by a TFOL Chair, appointed by LNUR Chair or Committee as required
  3. Membership shall be set at £10 per year, to be charged once the membership is considered stable, in line with the membership year of LNUR
  4. Members are eligible for all membership benefits of LNUR, where appropriate
  5. TFOL membership is subject to the same 6 (six) month probation as LNUR members
  6. TFOL members become eligible for main LNUR membership on their 18th birthday

LNUR © Bricks McGee. The LEGO Group does not own or endorse LNUR. LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group.