LEGO locomotive models by LNUR members

About LEGO Northern UK Railway UK

LEGO Northern UK Railway (LNUR) is a LEGO train club based in the UK, formed by a cooperative of adult LEGO fans based largely in Northern England and Scotland.

We exist to build and display large LEGO railway displays at LEGO shows and model railway shows; the idea to create the group came after a discussion about the lack of “LEGO train clubs” here in the UK; both Australia and Northern America are home to some excellent LTCs such as Victorian Railways and PennLUG, who exhibit absolutely enormous layouts of high quality models.

LNUR was founded in the summer of 2017 by Richard Carter, James Raper and Jack Horner, who “accidentally” collaborated on LEGO railway shows at Bricktastic 2017 and BlockCon Hull 2017. From there, we’ve grown to over 20 members.

We are not a LEGO User Group (LUG); there are plenty of LUGs in the UK – we are a collaborative of members from LUGs across the UK (and even AFOLs who aren’t a member of a LUG). Current contributors include members of:

  • Brickshire LEGO User Group, Yorkshire
  • Brick Alley LEGO User Group, North East England
  • Northern Brickworks, the Northern England LEGO User Group
  • Tartan LUG, Scotland
  • Brickish, the UK LUG

The UK LEGO train club

The idea of the group as a cooperative became much clearer when we had undertaken a number of displays together; it seemed that pooling our LEGO tracks, scenery elements and even locomotives and rolling stock in a central storage location was a smart move to enable members to borrow each others’ models if they weren’t able to make a specific show.

If you’d like to become a member, please read our membership page.

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