LEGO locomotive models by LNUR members

LEGO Northern UK Railway – LEGO Train Club

LNUR (LEGO Northern UK Railway) is a UK LEGO train club. The majority of our members are based in the North of England and Scotland.

LNUR is a collective of LEGO train builders who want to build collaborative LEGO railway layouts for exhibition around the UK. Founded in 2017 by a group of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) who love building and displaying large LEGO railway layouts, locomotives and rolling stock, we display at both LEGO displays and model railway exhibitions throughout the UK.

We noticed there was a need for a dedicated LEGO train club to help coordinate collaborative LEGO railway displays in the north of the UK including Newcastle, County Durham, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Manchester and North West England, and further afield.

As with all good ideas, LNUR came about accidentally; James brought his 225 to Hull Block Con and asked if he could run it on Richard’s layout; at the show before than, Jack and Richard built a collaborative display.

From that came LNUR – a new, active LEGO train club for the UK.

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